Twitter: 6 Ways It Can Improve Your Business

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    Every social media site has its own rules and that makes some sites better than others when it comes to marketing your business. Facebook has a long list of things you can and cannot do when promoting your business or using your Facebook business page to speak to customers, but Twitter has no rules that restrict your ability to market your business. An experienced marketing expert can get past Twitter's 140 character per post restriction to help improve your business and bring in more customers.


    Start Tweeting Out Coupons

    Facebook makes it very difficult to give out promotions that will bring customers to your website, Twitter allows you to put out coupon codes like they are candy. Twitter's restrictions are for every user, and not just businesses. The one restriction that could hurt you here is putting out too many tweets, or having your tweet reported by a user. But if you make sure to qualify all of your Twitter followers, then you should have no problem distributing coupons.

    Make An Impact Now

    The vast majority of regular Twitter users are on the site to find new information immediately. When you have an offer or product that is interesting to a lot of people, then you could see your company start trending on Twitter, and that means a lot of new traffic. If you can find ways to make an immediate impact on the Twitter users that are looking for new information, then you can reach a large audience quickly.

    A Strong Chance To Go Viral

    Twitter is famous for helping tweets and ideas to go viral around the world. The media is constantly monitoring Twitter and looking for the newest trend to publish. When you work at your Twitter feed properly, you will eventually find your tweets being published on news media websites, and that means a lot more exposure.

    Keep An Eye On The Other Guys

    Twitter is the one social media platform where your competition will show you what it is doing in real-time. The competition is using Twitter to try and get the same effects you are, and that means that Twitter is usually the first place your competition releases information that could help your company to create effective marketing that buries the competition.

    Twitter Followers Are Loyal

    As long as you are offering valuable tweets to your followers, then you will find that your Twitter followers are extremely loyal to your company and your products. It takes regular engagement with your Twitter feed to build a large and loyal customer base, but no social media platform makes it easier to create customers that will buy your products over anyone else's.

    It Is A Free Platform

    Unlike Facebook, Twitter has resisted charging companies to use its platform as a marketing medium. Someday Twitter may have to change its mind. But for now, Twitter is the easiest way for your company to interact with millions of potential customers around the world.

    Twitter is a social media platform that will help you to build a brand and expand your customer base. Twitter's ad program can be used to your advantage in reaching a huge audience in a short period of time. Twitter's effectiveness cannot be denied, but it is a bit more complex of a platform than Facebook. In order for Twitter to be effective, you have to remember that the average Twitter user is always looking for new information quickly, which shortens their attention span. With the help of a marketing expert, you can utilize Twitter to its fullest extent, and conquer the challenge of short attention spans.

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