Introduction to Content Marketing with Buzzfeed and Google

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    In a discussion with the Google Small Business Community, Buzzfeed global content director Keith Hernandez defined content marketing, and then explained how website owners can generate useful content to drive sales. Content marketing is a sales pitch that is wrapped in a story that is meant to entertain and inform. This sort of marketing is designed for the people who tune out commercials and go right for the editorial content.

    Hernandez outlines Buzzfeed's four pillars of good content marketing that act as ways to explain content marketing, and explain how to create effective content marketing at the same time. They are:
    • Emotion - The content has to elicit some sort of emotion from the reader to be effective.
    • Information - Provide your audience valuable information on how your product will make their lives easier.
    • Aspiration - Give your readers content that gives them a goal to achieve that ties into your product offering.
    • Identity - Instead of using the old method of throwing out a marketing blanket to see who it covers, content marketing forces a company to use social media to get into the smaller segments of their audience and write directly to those people.
    Good content marketing enriches people's lives and takes them away from the notion that they are reading an advertisement. It moves them in some way, and it offers them suggestions on how your product can make their lives better. When you use good content marketing, you will engage your audience on a personal level and develop a strong bond with your customers.

    Marketing experts monitor the results of their content marketing on social media, and through website analytics. The best content marketing is constantly changing to be able to deliver a more effective message that results in higher revenues.

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