How Using Just 8 Images Can Give Your Business a Huge Sales Boost

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    If you’ve ever considered video to market your business to your audience but been put off by the cost of hiring actors, cameramen, directors and post-production editors, then stop.

    These days, you can make a compelling video yourself armed with just eight images. If you don’t have video, you are missing out on a huge amount of traffic and customers. You see, by 2019, some 80% of consumers will come through video. Even today, top marketers confirm that video offers the best ROI. In short, your business needs to start advertising through video.

    The most important thing is having the right images—images that showcase your business and what it can do for your customers. Ideally, they will also be displayed with text that highlights the benefits that using your product or service has to offer.

    Take the below video, for example, which showcases a hotel. It’s a simple slideshow that makes the most of gorgeous photography, using text to convey the value that viewers should feel upon viewing it. Finally, you’ll note a subtle element of marketing, offering a video-exclusive discount code along with contact details


    You—or one of your staff—can put together something this effective with the right eight images, text and marketing message, distributing it throughout social media channels.

    Simple, right? Well, not quite: for many businesses out there, there is a major roadblock. Creating videos takes time, money and productivity away from your business, and if you lack a strong social media presence, the impact of the video will represent a poor ROI.

    At Xposure Connect, we don’t just create stunning videos for you: we also bring you that ROI through highly-targeted distribution channels. Our tried and tested channels can reach thousands of targeted people with your video in just 72 hours. Better yet, with a professionally-made video that hits all the right notes for converting viewers into buyers.

    There has never been a better time to get your message across through video: contact Xposure Connect today and discover how we can give your brand a significant boost in traffic and sales… and all it takes is eight images.

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