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Social Media Marketing — Pro

Our bestselling social media marketing service goes beyond Facebook, promoting you on Twitter and Instagram for a three-pronged publicity boost

Cover more ground in your campaign by distributing your promotional message across our popular accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our professional copywriters are on-hand to refine your message to increase engagement and conversions for best results.

  • Your message polished & shared on the Nigerian Bulletin
    Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages (750K+ fans)
  • Fan page active with a target audience of working Nigerians over 24 years old
  • Use of tracking links to track and measure performance
  • Report of engagement: views and clicks provided
  • Campaign over 5 days
Pro Plan Benefits

1. 3x3 Features on Facebook/Twitter

Get instant and exclusive permission to present your products and services to Nigerian Bulletin's 800k+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers with 3 separate posts over 3 days. Featured directly in NB's active timelines for everyone to see and respond to.

2. Instant Social Proof

Our innovative use of Nigerian Bulletin's Facebook and Twitter pages means that your brand benefits from speaking to a ready-made audience of working Nigerians over 24 years old.

3. Smart Metrics

Because Nigerian Bulletin's social media audience is laser targeted, it's easy to track and report your post's performance and provide vital information to increase the effectiveness of future campaigns and social media ROI.

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