Order Content Marketing Basic


Our affordable creative content increases engagement and boosts your sales by reaching out to hundreds of thousands of people in your target market

For just ₦25,000, you can supercharge your content marketing strategy for one day. We create amazing content that engages while building your brand reputation as a leading authority while sharing your content across Nigerian Bulletin and our huge social media channels.

  • Get your message shared to 1000s of potential customers
  • Harness the power of social media (Facebook)
  • Increase brand loyalty and attract repeat business
  • Track response and measure success
  • Campaign duration - 1 day (1 article)
Basic Plan Benefits

1. Instant Exposure

This unique opportunity allows your business to instantly share - up to the minute, relevant information with the entire Nigerian Bulletin readership (on site and Facebook).

2. Massive Reach

This is a unique approach that offers the best combination of on-site reach and social media engagement with our 750K+ fans on Facebook.

3. Ultra Targeted

All views and clicks are measured, so you are best able to track and measure the success of your campaign, and make proper comparisons with other services.

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